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Superior Surveillance

By Superior Custom Designs Inc. 

If your not in need of a surveillance system but need wiring for a network or a surveillance system.  Allow our expertise to wire or cable you home and or business.  We understand the importance of proper wiring.  The wire or cable you choose is in many cases the most important part of you system.  Choosing or routing cable improperly can be the single most negative thing that can affect your overall performance.  We can guide you in the selection process and wire up your house or business.

Cat - 5, Cat - 5e, Cat - 6, Cat - 6e

22awg, 23awg, 

Stranded or Solid


Direct bury, Riser, Plenum, and Patch

Stranded, Solid, and Shielded options can drastically change the price and performance of you network

or surveillance system.  Allow us to guide you through the process.  We can work within your budget to provide the

most beneficial options for your project.  The cable you choose and how you install it can be the most important part of a network or a surveillance system.

Let us help you by working to not only install your cable in the proper manner but also make the best selection

for your project and budget.