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Superior Surveillance

By Superior Custom Designs Inc. 

Auto / Mobile / Car Surveillance

Protect yourself while on the road with the CVR-2CH-HD All-In-One Video Recorder, 720P, GPS Data, G-Sensor, Up to 32GB SD Card (Optional), 5VDC.

With all the ready to sue drivers out there protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits and false accusations.  Provide high quality video in a court case to prove you were in the right.  Nothing beats GPS data with accelerometer data to show whether you were braking or accelerating.  Plot your course on a google map and provide forward and rear facing video.  Capture clear audio as well.   Arm yourself with information to protect you and your family.

 Simply mount on the windshield of your car with the included mount. This simple plug and play vehicle recorder has a dual wide angle camera driver protection system allowing you to view both the driver and the road at one time, and GPS equipped with 3 axis G-sensor.

Not only does it record the video while in the car it also allows you to track your location with the built in GPS logger. Playback on PC with provided software allows the user to view the video simultaneously with GPS data including the date, time and location of the vehicle. The Surveillance Recorder allows the user to record video while driving or if the vehicle is stationary. The unique sensors detect speed, breaking, acceleration with its Accident/Event detector or with the manual settings you can easily record whenever an event occurs.

The software allows for password protection of all the files recorded which makes the CVR-2CH the perfect tool for insurance purposes, recording long trips, or keeping track of how your new teen driver is doing. 

If your mobile recorder doesn't have two cameras, has double sided tape instead of suction cups, or doesn't list Miles Per Hour during replay then someone has pulled at fast one on you. 


H.264 Image Compression

Forward Facing Lens: 720P CMOS Sensor

Backward Facing Lens: VGA CMOS Sensor

Recording Resolution: 1280x720 (Forward) /640x480 (Backwards)

Auto Record When System is Powered Up

Record Content: Date/Time/Image/Sound/G-Sensor Data/GPS Data

Viewing Angles:   Forward Facing Lens 120 Degrees, Inside Facing Lens 170 Degrees

SDHC Card up to 32GB (Class 10 or above recommended)

Internal 3D G-Sensor

Built-In High Sensitivity Microphone for Automatic Voice Adjustment

External GPS Mouse (4P Phone Jack Connect) Optional