Anybody can install cameras but installing the right technology, at the right cost, and achieving the best coverage at the best cost is only available by  trusting an experienced company.  Superior is that company.

With todays society and with levels of crime climbing and a continued letigious trend proper surveillance coverage and archived video can provide the type of quality evidence in a court case.  Over and over people go into court with grainy low resoltion video that doesnt help  thier case at all.

                                          The newest technology available with resolutions starting at 2mp.  You are able to use the cameras without a recorder because each camera acts as its own server.  Once assigned an IP address on your local network you are able to view the image using the built in server or Central Management Software.  Add a recorder or NVR and now you can also record your video.  Some recorders can receive and hold more hard drive units allowing you to archive your video for longer amounts of time.  Have us help you determine how much video you wish to archive.

                                       The oldest of the three existing technologies.  CCTV or analog is still a functional and widely used technology in the industry.  Max out you analog or cctv system by using 1000 TVL or 1200 TVL cameras.  This will provide you up to 1.3 megapixel of resolution.  The most cost effective offering.  


                                          Until recently older analog CCTV system were limited to around 700 TVL or lines of resolution.  In order to achieve higher resolutions you would need to rewire with modern communication wire (cat5 or cat6) however the industry made breakthroughs in the communication method and we are now able to achieve 2 MP of resolution over existing coax cable.  This translates into a major cost saving due to not having to run new wire which usually is a significant cost.  In addition to saving on not having to run new wires to achieve High Definition you can also take advantage of higher frame rates.

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